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I attended a family dinner at BJ's. The televisions in the annex were tuned to a Sharks vs. Stars hockey game.

At one point during our meal, my uncle exclaims: "WHOA! They're fighting!"

I look up and see this:

"Why is no one stopping them?" I wonder out loud. "In any other sport…"

My cousin: "In the NHL, fights continue until one combatant's knee touches the ice."

"WHAT? That can't be right… What if both combatants have extremely good balance? Or what if one combatant's strength is his ground game?"

According to WikiAnswers, the longest fight in NHL history lasted 20 minutes. That's four times as long as the alley fight in They Live.

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  1. Adam 17 Mar 10 at 10:59

    I'm surprised hockey was on anywhere around you. Ever. Most fights never really have anything devastating happen, so they might as well let them go. After awhile they get kind of boring anyways. I'm guessing it's tough to sink in a rear-naked choke with elbow pads on too.

  2. Tushar 17 Mar 10 at 15:11

    The weird thing for me is the cheerleaders.

  3. rb 18 Mar 10 at 00:00

    "Most fights never really have anything devastating happen, so they might as well let them go."

    For realz?? This is an argument??

  4. Adam 18 Mar 10 at 10:57

    Most hockey fights do not have devastating results. Not fights in general, clearly. Also, who's arguing? I couldn't support hockey anymore than I already do. The Detroit Red Wings are the greatest sports franchise ever. Now that's how you start an argument.

  5. Kurtis 26 Mar 10 at 02:33

    I'm siding with Adam.


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