A good barometer of whether you, the reader, and I could be mates is Shane Meadows' film This Is England.

If you like This Is England, then we would probably click.

Production just began on a four-part television sequel to This Is England, set three years after the original.

All I can say at this point is that Milky is Alive, Combo Returns and Woody is now Climbing the Management ladder at Quick Save. [source]

Shane Meadows co-wrote This Is England '86 with Skins scribe Jack Thorne and will direct the third and fourth hours.

I'm cautiously excited.

This Is England '86 co-writer Jack Thorne is penning a film adaptation of Skins that will unite the first two casts of the television show.

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  1. Aaron 23 Mar 10 at 13:47

    Milky is alive?!


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