Don't let the smooth taste fool you

» My $100 bet on Michigan State to win The Tournament is looking prittay, prittay good. 30 to 1 odds. [slaps desk Wojo-style]

» Leading a pool with a single bracket is no more impressive than leading with one of multiple brackets. A pound of feathers, a pound of gold.

» Idea: Busted Bracket Challenge. Win money for missing all 64 winners, like you do playing 20-spot keno.

» Drink tanks – Coke Zero solicited "ways to advance the NCAA fan experience"; Pepsi is soliciting "ideas that move the world forward." And this sells pop how?

"We couldn't get Tom Cruise."

» Reese's is an odd "official sponsor of the NCAA." Players receive free peanut butter cups?

» Butler University's president is Chinese!

Bobby Fong lives on campus and is known to many students as "BoFo." [source]

Baylor recovered from murdered players faster than IU from text messages. I'm sick. [source]

» Idea: A documentary on black Duke fans. A Twitter search for "duke haters" was…revealing.

YouTube link

» By my count, Vitale clasps his hands 59 times. It's like he's playing a light gun shooter where you clasp your hands to reload. What a strange default position.

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