They cut me to ribbons and taught me to drive

In the areas of the Internet that I frequent, I encounter anti-DreamWorks Animation sentiments, while Pixar seemingly (and unfairly) receives a free pass.

No one ever trumpets the existence of Cars, or that Pixar's next two films are Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 – cash-grab sequels.

No one ever notes that A Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc. are utterly forgettable (probably, to be fair, because they're so utterly forgettable). When was the last time you thought about either film?

No one ever brings up how WALL•E devolves into fatties discovering environmentalism, or how Up is hijacked by annoying animals that exist primarily to pander to children.

At least DreamWorks doesn't pretend that its animated films are anything besides commercial trifles.

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  1. hugostop 09 Apr 10 at 11:04

    nailed it

  2. Bruno 09 Apr 10 at 17:16

    I like and defend Monsters Inc. It is one of my favorite Pixar films.

  3. Adam 10 Apr 10 at 03:49

    I think I'd have to defend Monsters Inc. with Bruno. I'm not sure where Pixar is pretending Cars is Citizen Kane though. Little kids get erect over Cars. Those fuckers make their parents spend so much money on Cars merchandise, to this day – the movie is four god damn years old too. I bet Cars merchandise alone sells more than any of their other movies merch. That's commercial. Beep Beep.

    Also, after a quick count Dreamworks has 7 sequels (one is a Spin-off) of their past films. Some of which are out, or in production. This is compared to Pixar's three sequels, again either out or in production.

  4. Maki 10 Apr 10 at 10:21

    Once they became a Disney company the merchandising kicked into overdrive. If there's one thing Disney knows, it's how to sell plastic shit to kids.

    Count me in for loving Monsters Inc., though.

  5. Scott 10 Apr 10 at 16:16

    I love Monsters, Inc as well. I would say it's my favorite Pixar film.

  6. Cangrejero 10 Apr 10 at 21:20

    Antz was way better than A Bug's Life. It's also probably the first and last Sylvester Stallone/Woody Allen buddy flick. Also, I'm in Buenos Aires and drunk as shit but I can't go anywhere to eat because you can't get dinner anywhere in this town before 10pm! Ha!

  7. Forest 12 Apr 10 at 14:10

    I'll throw my lot in behind Monsters, Inc as well, if only for the originality of the idea. Cars didn't do anything original and A Bugs Life was basically Toy Story 1.5, but Monsters is a really fresh idea that just didn't pan out to be as marketable as Cars.

  8. Harlo 12 Apr 10 at 15:28

    I gotta say I love Wall-E, A Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc more than other Pixar movies. A Bug's Life is Seven Samurai with bugs. That's reason enough to place it above anything Dreamworks. Monsters, Inc references things like Ray Harryhausen. That's practically Warner Brothers levels of smart. The kids can laugh at silly physical comedy and parents (well some) can giggle that they understand something kids never will.

    I'm not saying we put Pixar up on a pedestal of perfection but even their worst (Cars) is better than most of Dreamworks Animation's movies. It's possible to argue that Toy Story 2 is better than 1. I wouldn't say the same about any the (MANY) Dreamsworks sequels. Their legacy may be coming to an end any day now, but for now they pretty much reign supreme in the animation world.


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