Dear mother can you hear me laughing?

An artist named Poo paints chicken pot pies with the excrement of homeless people. With the help of an adult filmmaker in his drug rehab course, he hopes to earn a fortune by impregnating his wife and making a "pregnant porn" film.

– IMDb synopsis for Who Flung Poo?

A video game adaptation of Mean Girls will be released on April 20 with box art sans Lindsay Lohan.

Legacy Interactive president Ariella Lehrer told me that she loved the idea of "Puzzle Quest" but couldn't relate to the medieval setting. She thinks the audience of her games would prefer the treacherous environment of a public high school full of mean girls. [source]

Yes, the treacherous environment of a public high school…meets Bejeweled!

This slideshow of James Cameron in the Amazon is amazing.

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    Humidity is important too!

    You're an idiot.



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