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17. 24 (what else?)

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And the remix:

I believe President Logan, Cheng Zhi and Mandy are the only villains to survive three seasons and remain alive.

Kiefer Sutherland: "There was one I loved [in Season 5] where I was trying to get information from Peter Weller [who played Christopher Henderson], so I tortured his wife, JoBeth Williams. I was such a fan of those two actors, and she was so game for me shooting her in the knee."

Kiefer: "Ryan Chappelle." [source]

Ah yes… The one where Chappelle dies – one of 24's best (and most shocking and controversial) episodes, which President Bush unceremoniously bumped to hold a prime time press conference on Iraq and the war on terror.

Re-scheduled for the following Sunday, it garnered the lowest ratings of any episode of 24 through its first six seasons.

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  1. Adam 23 May 10 at 02:42

    Rosetta made the playlist cut. Atta kid.


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