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I dreamed last night of a museum where all the exhibits were loving re-creations of different sitcom sets: Family Ties, The Jeffersons, Friends. The most interesting thing was that each of them was actually built with the "fourth wall" that home viewers could never see. In my dream, these ungainly trapezoids that look like no real living room you've ever seen actually worked architecturally with a fourth wall in place. [source]

Building the fourth wall of a sitcom set would be an interesting Photoshop or reality challenge.

Why doesn't a Museum of Television Sets exist? I think people would totally pay to see The Hatch or The Man's Kitchen in person.

Remember when The Manhattan Transfer appeared on Tool Time? WTF?

miniature re-creations of famous television sets
The Dirty Yearbook: A High-School Rite Of Passage

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  1. hugostop 26 May 10 at 11:56

    OMGOMGOMG YES. YES. YES. don't forget The Man's Bathroom or Monk's Diner. Or The Max.

    My head just exploded from fantasy.


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