Gravity Rides Everything

The Father
"Jon, how much do you have in your checking account?"
"I dunno… $200?"
"What about savings?"
"I need you to cut me a check for $8000. I'll pay you back next week."
"$5000, $5000, and now $8000 – are you laundering money through me?"

[phone ringing]

Please be an employer, please be an employer…..Oh.

The Mother
"Hello, mother."
"Jon, check your e-mail! I forwarded you something."

"Are they real?"

The Nephew (Age 4)
"I want to play computer games."
"What do you want to play?"
"I want to play games on"


"I want to play this one."
"You want to play Bejeweled 2?"

Five minutes later:
"I don't want to play this anymore. I want to play Flash Diamond."

The Niece (Age 3)
"Flash Diamond! Flash Diamooooond!"

Meanwhile, in WankerCounty
Latest Harry Potter Video Game is a Third Person Shooter
Donald Duck rappin' in a closet!

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