Bro Hymn

Previously on Adam Riff™:
"I need you to cut me a check for $8000. I'll pay you back next week."
"Are you laundering money through me?"

10:05 AM
[phone ringing]

[phone ringing]


10:10 AM
"A fuckin' overdraft. The money won't arrive until tomorrow. Three business days."
"Why did you transfer money between banks?"
"Because I normally pay bills digitally and only have checks for an overseas account that my parents set up for me."

"To avoid a fee, I need to produce $8000 in cash by 11:00 AM."

10:25 AM
"Hi. The ATM won't let me withdraw $8000. I'm short…$7200."

"Do you have any more hundreds?"

"Never mind then. I'm in a hurry."

10:50 AM
"Hi. I need to deposit this cash in my checking account by 11:00 AM."

"This is a lot of 20s."

"I'm sorry. Can you count with that machine? I really need this money deposited within three minutes."

11:00 AM

The half-hour "short film" for Red Dead Redemption, directed by John Hillcoat (The Proposition, The Road)
The trailer for the Showgirls "sequel" involves a man being shot and "ZAPP" rolling onto the screen.
Creepy Watson

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