Intolerable Cruelty

Same difference.

According to IMDb, Will Smith's Karate Kid will be released in Japan as "Best Kid." The original Karate Kid, however, was also released in Japan as Best Kid.

"Mmm… He's good at karate, yes, but come on… The karate kid? No Coke. Pepsi!"

"Hilary Swank is… The Next Best Kid!"

We had a female karate kid before we had a black one.

—the chinese kids are mean

The idea of Chinese kids bullying a black kid (albeit a wimpy one) amuses me mightily.

Racism against black people is the strongest form of racism in China. [source]

I'm curious to see how "Kung Fu Dream" plays in China. Black kid triumphs over Chinese kids, interracial romance…

"I can swallow white people stealing our women, but…"
"Relax! It's just a dream."

I considered a Kung Fu Monkey joke, but a kung fu monkey is actually part of Chinese folklore.

Will William Zabka direct Steve Guttenberg in a film?


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