Gettin' high on your own supply

Jonah Hex's runtime between credits is 72 minutes, 13 minutes shorter than an episode of The Biggest Loser. With credits, it's still 5 minutes shorter.

Jonah Hex cost $80 million. That's $1 million a minute.

The Karate Kid cost half as much as Jonah Hex and runs twice as long.

Sony is developing a sequel to The Karate Kid, which I assume will be set in America, as both The Karate Kid: Part II and Rush Hour 2 inverted the setting of their predecessors.

My Pitch: Dre and his mother return to Detroit to visit relatives with Mr. Han and Meiying in tow. One day, Hmong thugs assault Mr. Han. Dre confronts them. They respond by assaulting his girl.

–that's the plot of gran torino

"Get off the lawn."
"What are you? The karate kid?"

–oh come on! it's better than your "mr. miyagi killed jackie chan's family" pitch
–although i like the idea of kung fu vs. karate, particularly with weapons

Obsessed? ME?

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