Weekend Nachos

Mastodon composed the score for Jonah Hex?

Black Eyed Peas recorded a theme song for Knight and Day?

Transformers 2 already explored the same plot [as Toy Story 3] to greater thrill and opulence. [source]

Armond White should teach a graduate program in trolling.

Toy Story 3

Man, toys are insecure.

So Andy's toys spurn him for a day care centre, realize they made a huge mistake, get bailed out by a cowboy friend, and land with a golden parachute – this is supposed to be endearing?

In real life – outrageous! In RealD – outstanding!

A day care centre could use Andy's toys way more than Bonnie, but they feel they are better than day care. They ditch fellow toys to lounge in a private attic.

All toys are equal, but some toys are more equal than others.

Does not Chatter Telephone deserve personal prepubescent pampering?

Toy Story 4: Woody rescues his friends from a Christmas toy drive for homeless orphans.

I want to write a spin-off to Toy Story 3 where the toys go through grief counseling after witnessing Andy masturbating for the first time. [source]

Toy Story 3's most effective parts involve Andy, and I wish the film focused solely on him coming to grips with outgrowing his toys. Flip the script and enrich it with flashbacks.

I missed the short because it was misaligned (reverse letterboxed) and no one in the auditorium wanted to notify theatre management. We played a game of chicken with an absent projectionist.

Spanish Buzz was too broad for my taste. The tango? [groan] Señor cara de tortilla, however… Jajajajaja! The triceratops' awkward instant message also tickled me.

What kind of toy is a piggy bank?

Lotso is the Sofia Coppola of the film.

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