How is your job search going?
It isn't. I stopped looking.

Because I don't know what I'm doing. I want off the office bitch track, but being an office bitch is my best immediate employment option, but employers are passing on me because I don't seem interested, but I'm not interested, but I desire income, but I fear digging a deeper hole for myself professionally and spiritually…

I suspended my job search to formulate a plan and…haven't yet. It's been two weeks.

What's the hold-up?
Existential indifference? I'm interested in a lot of stuff, but I'm not passionate about anything. Like, I'm interested in becoming an EMT, but doubt my potential commitment.

Are you afraid of failure?
No, but I'd prefer to avoid it. I'm not sure I have the will to rebuild again in my 30s.

So now what?
I don't know.

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  1. Forest 24 Jun 10 at 19:08

    Dude, life is all about rebuilding. You didn't get a job with a labor union or join the military out of high school — you have no "career path." But that's okay. You probably don't want one anyway.

    Just keep writing. Keep watching movies. I know you're passionate about both of those. Real talk.


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