It'll take a better war to kill a college man like me

My band The Blond Jews and I are currently prepping our follow-up to 2007's Web-rip 128kbps (NUKED) LP. Its working title is A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Darkness, and it is a literary concept album.

The tentative track listing:

1. Kilroy Speaks the Truth
2. You're a Good Man, Leroy Brown
4. This Little Piggy Was Struck by a Boulder
5. Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session
6. The Duke and the Dauphin
7. Good Cop, Scheisskopf
8. Killing an Arab (Cure cover)
9. A Screaming Comes Across the Sky
10. A Failed Entertainment

A Failed Entertainment was David Foster Wallace's working title for Infinite Jest. I'm trying to figure out how to annotate the song's lyrics within the song.

Dueling vocals? Morse code beats?

In his song "Science," MC Paul Barman raps the first verse in Morse code cadence, spelling out "thought balloon mushroom cloud"…

"Back on a White Horse" is a double crostic word puzzle, which means the first letter of each word in a line spells a new word, ultimately spelling out his name. [source]

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  1. Chri$ 16 Jul 10 at 12:25

    That track list is brilliant. Brilliant enough that I had to comment.


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