I'm half-drunk on static you transmit

Gr__t Street Fighter cosplay, or GR__TEST Street Fighter cosplay?

At 1:25 in this video of the Street Fighter IV panel, you see a group of Street Fighter cosplayers (including Zangief) confront Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada. I wonder if they coordinated their cosplaying. They are each dressed up as a different character.

the same street fighter cosplayers posing outside capcom's booth

I've attended one Comic-Con in my life – back when it was still primarily a comic convention – in 1993. I somehow convinced my parents to escort me, and they, in turn, roped in extended family in Seal Beach who had access to a house in San Diego, so like 20 of my relatives attended Comic-Con all because I wanted to.

Flash forward to 2006. I'm struggling to get through Watchmen.

"Yes! A splash page!"

"Ugh. These letters and reports… They're like the intercalary chapters of The Grapes of Wrath."

Comic-Con 93 capped my comic book phase, which began with the release of Marvel's The Ren and Stimpy Show #1 (current value: $6.00). I soon entered my trading card phase, which began with the release of SkyBox's The Simpsons trading cards.

The highlight of my one Con? Meeting Don "Duck" Ewing of Mad magazine.

A female fan of Jackie Earle Haley dressed as his character on Human Target

Haley invited her on stage for all to see.

The women then went back to the front of the Q&A line and asked – somewhat sheepishly – "What would Guerrero do if a guy were into him?" [source]

Community panel: Donald Glover and Joel McHale re-enact one of Glover's many on-set personas – a homeless man obsessed with McHale.

We begin on the blood trail of Dr. Gordon, dragging himself down the hallway, just after cutting off his own foot in part one. He spots a hot, steaming pipe, and presses his bloody leg stump against it to cauterize the wound. [source]

You know Cary Elwes is desperate for work when he returns for the seventh Saw film, six years later.

Saw 3D is reportedly the final Saw film, but New Line greenlit 5nal Destination (working title) after THE Final Destination.

Jackass 3D promotional beer koozies
Photobombing Comic-Con 2010

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