Teach me how to dougie

Food Network Challenge: Paranormal Cakes?

And we centimetre ever so closer to Paranormal Teen Moms.


At one point we (Wu-Tang Clan) had disciplined ourselves so much that we wouldn't eat in a restaurant that sold pork.

None of the Clan members eat pork. About four of us are vegetarians, including DJ Mathematics — RZA, GZA, MastaKilla and oh! I think Meth is vegetarian now too! Cuz I used to always get on him with his steaks. I used to say you "you eatin' a pig pussy T-Bone?" He'd be like, "C'mon Jus, cmon, GZA, man stop!" And then about a year and a half ago he was like, "You know I'm a vegetarian now, right?"

Can it be all so simple as comparing cuts of beef to porcine vaginas?

Why do I like this?

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  1. Aaron 25 Jul 10 at 20:29

    Why do I want that Terminator mask so bad?


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