They grow up so fast

Fiona Apple's "Never Is a Promise" is an underappreciated ballad.

She was only 18 when she recorded it.

Where is Fiona now?

She collaborated with Margaret Cho on Cho's upcoming album Cho Dependent which will be released on August 24. [source]


I cannot believe that Nickelodeon passed on Adventure Time – twice! I mean, one of the leads is a freakin' magical dog based on Bill Murray's character in Meatballs!

I plan to be Finn for Halloween.

Animaniacs was similarly subversively aimed at adults, but I don't recall any characters using the word "sexy."

The animatics and storyboards posted at the Adventure Time Blog show characters saying "crap", making references to ultraviolence ("I'll rip off your skin and wear it like a little coat"), and have minor sex jokes ("You never turn into a monster when I want you to!!! It's always 'Not now Finn, I have a headache!!!'"). And a good chunk of it does make it into the show… [source]

May Adventure Time never have to collaborate with Margaret Cho.

Sexy Dot – Animaniacs Fan Art
Rick Astley & Morrissey

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