The world has turned and left me here

"Who do you hang out with?"
"No one. I don't have any friends in the area. [shrug]"

After three months of unemployment, I'm more lost than ever, and rapidly descending into solipsism.

"Some days I don't leave my room. Some days I'm completely mute."
"Are you depressed?"
"Well, I'm constitutionally melancholic, but I think I'm more tentative and frustrated than depressed."

"How are you getting by?"
"Savings, mostly. I canceled my unemployment claim after two checks."
"Because I didn't deserve the money at the time, and I haven't bothered to re-open my claim."

I've been assisting a friend with a major project that I cannot discuss publicly, but it's not a dependable source of income. Eventually…

"At the end of an interview with an HR lady, she asked me if I had any questions. I said, 'Yes. As a child, did you want to be an HR lady when you grew up? Or are you an HR lady because you need to earn money somehow? Do you live and breathe human resources? Or is it primarily a job – one that you can perform satisfactorily?' I never heard back."

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