A Chinese fan of the sitcom Friends opened a Central Perk coffee house in Beijing.

Du scrutinized thousands of pictures of the show's set, watched endless reruns of the sitcom, and spent five months laboring over furniture designs with manufacturers in Beijing to create his uncanny replica.

Boston has a Cheers that inspired Cheers and a Cheers inspired by Cheers. A local dive bar should rename itself "Cheers" just to further confuse tourists.

Matt LeBlanc, Larry David and Paul Reiser [now] all have shows where they play themselves. NBC 1990s ouroboros. [source]

Kirstie Alley played herself as the lead of the show Fat Actress.

If you count Ted Danson and the creator of The Single Guy playing themselves on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Brooke Shields playing herself on Entourage, that's seven Must See TV Thursday comedies.

NBC Universal owns Syfy.

Syfy's new development slate:

"Me and Lee" centers on a young man with a bad back who's lured into a high-tech lab by Lee Majors — who makes the guy bionic.

And on "Legendary," Kevin Sorbo will play Kevin Sorbo, a former syndicated TV star, as he's recruited by a fan to help defeat actual creatures that threaten to destroy Los Angeles.

Legendary sounds like JCVD.

"Sherwood" moves the Robin Hood story to the 23rd century.

"Ball and Chain" follows ex-lovers who are almost hit by a meteorite — and then imbued with extraordinary powers that only work when they're next to each other.

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