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Fox announced that it is launching a new country music awards show, the American Country Awards. The ACAs join ABC's Country Music Association Awards, CBS' Academy of Country Music Awards, and CMT's Country Music Television Awards.


It's the same 10 artists at every show!

—the carrie underwood slam

To be fair, BET telecasts three urban music awards shows.

I asked a few of my remaining friends to comment on the viability of an indie music awards show, and they all said, "Maybe on the Internet…"

Mad Men is considered a success with 2.5 million viewers in a country of over 307 million people. Surely an indie music awards show can at least match that number.

"The Pitchfork Music Awards, hosted by Aziz Ansari. With performances by: Pavement, Sleigh Bells, Big Boi, LCD Soundsystem… And appearances by: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams…"

In two weeks, comedian Hannibal Buress will have performed this year at both the Pitchfork Music Festival and the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Nickelback teamed up with the People's Choice Awards (?) for a contest to name (in 15 characters or less) a limited edition Les Paul guitar that Gibson is creating with Chad Kroeger.


The Chad Moelestar?

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    I surely enjoyed the movie, it was extremely up-to-date and a lot of months ago i had seen such brilliant scenes!


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