Shape Without Form

I wish to assemble a portfolio but 1. I didn't physically design many of the pieces that I want to include – Wilcox did – and 2. I'm not sure that my…visions are truly creative.

Yes, creating truly original art in this millennium is nigh impossible, but look at the album covers I've conceived:

» a spin on iPod silhouette ads
» a spin on plastic army men
» a spin on the evolution image
» a spin on Dobi's designs
» a spin on the Olympic rings
» a spin on The Empire Strikes Back
» a spin on Close Encounters of the Third Kind
» a spin on "Nighthawks"
» a spin on The Dark Knight
» a spin on a Gaslight Anthem album cover

They are basically Photoshop contest submissions.

Even when I worked in marketing…

My best work all uses pop culture as a crutch. I value stuff that the Internet churns out every day. I might as well send employers a collection of 4panes.

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