Getting Laid on a School Bus

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Gudwin's Law: "As the number of definitions for an Urban Dictionary entry increases, the probability of one involving sex acts approaches 1."

Daniel Tosh tries waaay too hard on HURRRRR.0. Is it just the writers for the show? I've never seen his stand-up.

—bill simmons thinks tosh.0 is "very clever"
—your mom think bill simmons is very clever
—bill simmons shot 6-24 in your mom
—very clever

Amir from CollegeHumor –

– similarly tries too hard, but his banter with Streeter on Pranked is at least witty.

—HE [Amir]
—is a mashup of us.
—like if we had a child
—that's what he'd look like


Gaithersburg man accused of squirting semen from bottle on women
Tosh runs inside a phone booth and pulls open his hoodie to reveal a V-neck.


  1. Aaron 05 Aug 10 at 20:45

    Tosh 2.0 is chronically unfunny.

  2. Aaron 05 Aug 10 at 20:45

    tosh.0, whatever. Stupid name too.

  3. hugostop 06 Aug 10 at 11:20

    daniel tosh's stand-up is good, though. netflix instant, i'm sure.


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