The Horse Says: "Doctorate Denied"

Whoever creates a software program that can accurately transcribe audio will be a very wealthy person.

I've been typing a lot lately, and I realised that I may not be typing properly with my right hand.


15 letters with my left hand, 11 letters with my right. Even though it rests on the colon key, I only use my right pinky finger to type apostrophes and quotation marks.

In high school, I did not align my IBM Aptiva Stealth's keyboard with its monitor, so over time, my right fingers began defaulting to the J-I-O-P keys instead of the J-K-L-colon keys. I re-trained my right fingers to default to the J-K-L-colon keys in college, but I may not have fixed everything.

My right fingers frequently feel garbled and cramped when I type – for example, when I type the word "responsibility."

Maybe it's just a difficult word to type, though. I just typed "responsibility" 10 times fast and only typed it correctly once.

When I type "responsibility," I hit both the P and O keys with my ring finger, but when I type "people," I hit the P key with my ring finger and the O key with my middle finger.

When I type "qwest," I hit both the Q and W keys with my left ring finger, but when I type…uhh…"qawwal," I still hit both the Q and W keys with my ring finger.

List of English words containing Q not followed by U

"Bawwaqe" – another difficult word to type.

In high school, I noticed that I held pens and pencils with four fingers and re-trained myself to hold them with a tripod grip because I couldn't ridicule people who held pens and pencils with a thumb wrapped around other fingers if I couldn't hold a pen or pencil properly myself.

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  1. Aaron 06 Aug 10 at 12:29

    That seems like it would be a truly awful way to type! Does it slow you down considerably? I tried the words you mentioned using the fingers you use and it's insanely awkward to me.

  2. Adam 07 Aug 10 at 02:57

    You type like a parent. You need to fix that shit. Then again, I'm amazed when people see me type they comment on how fast I am. I consider myself significantly slower than I should be and can't believe it's 2010 and people function in the real world without being able to type properly.

  3. hugostop 07 Aug 10 at 22:09

    I knew Asians were racist, but so racist to deny Mavis Beacon into their lives? You've done this to yourself.


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