I come in last, but just in time for breakfast

Thursday night, I checked Deadline and saw (as the top story):

Paramount Hires 'Step Up 3D's Jon Chu To Direct Justin Bieber Pic

I know Jon Chu.

I know his father. I know his brother. I know his cousin. I…


Then I checked my e-mail.

Is this a joke? I thought. Is Tony fucking with me?

That isn't his Gmail address, though. But his middle initial is "J." Is this an alternate Gmail address?

I'm not sure how to reply.

Idea: "Why am I using your name for, not my web site — I use someone else's name for my web site — but one that I own and sublet to my friend Steven? Well, assuming you are not the Tony Fader I know fucking with me, because the Tony Fader I know permitted me to appropriate his name. Yeah. Another Tony Fader. I KNOW!"

Cease and desist… As if I'm not annoyed enough by an Adam Riff I don't know who just happens to work in digital media. Two Adam Riffs and now two Tony Faders…

Oooh! jonchu.com is available!

Introducing Red Velvet Fried Chicken (with cream cheese-infused mashed potatoes)
Introducing the Beer Popsicle (Tecate)
Marching Band Version of The Bed Intruder Song

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