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Who is the audience for The Last Exorcism?

I saw ads for it during Degrassi, which added an FTM transgender student.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World opened in fifth place, and I've read comments blaming its disappointing box office performance on stupid Americans who do not appreciate smart cinema. Uh… Scott Pilgrim has the same plot as The Expendables – a man fights a bunch of people for a woman. The difference is onomatopoeia instead of explosions.

The difference is The Expendables features its featured villains. Ramona's evil exes just show up to be defeated. They are more or less henchmen, and if you've ever played a crappy beat 'em up video game, you know how tedious fighting a parade of henchmen can be. It doesn't help that the "boss battle" lacks gravitas too.

The difference is that the Expendables aspires to no depth. Scott Pilgrim aims for some emotional resonance, falls short. [source]

Falls short? It barely lifts off! All of the relationships, all of the drama, is shallow. Scott Pilgrim is basically a feature-length SNL digital short.

The Expendables

Most of the stuff that happens off the island feels flat and dead, and most of the banter is clunkily delivered, but The Expendables succeeds where it matters – fan service. I got a kick out of seeing Dolph Lundgren cut loose ("Insect!") and Randy Couture fight Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Terry Crews' AA-12 rampage is, dare I say, exhilarating.

Sylvester Stallone putting Steve Austin in an armbar may be the film highlight of 2010. [source]

No, that honor belongs to Michael Cera offering coffee to a vegan.

Minus points for computer-generated blood. Are squibs that expensive?

Why is computer-generated blood still so conspicuously fake? The piranhas in Piranha 3D look more realistic. Nowadays, Chinese action flicks only use computer-generated blood and it is exasperatingly detracting.

Jet Li's character is named "Ying Yang."

Charisma Carpenter is 40.

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