Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor

Friday evening.

I'm hungry. What time is it? 6:00. I can still catch happy hour at Chotchkie's. Fill up before my night of work ahead.

The parking lot is packed. I hope the bar isn't too.

Oh good.

I seated myself in an open chair between two men and a man and a woman.

"Jon Yu!"

I looked to my left.

"It's Lissa. From high school."
"Oh. Hey."
"What are you doing here?"
"I'm just…eating dinner."


I instinctively retreated inward.

"Well, enjoy."

She resumed chatting with a male associate.

I want. to die.

I ate as fast as I could and avoided looking in her direction the rest of the time.

She works in the video game industry?

Before I departed, I bid Lissa goodbye. She didn't notice, and mortified, I fled.

—she was probably just absorbed in conversation with her associate
—but two years ago at your pulitzer party, i bid mike and nathalie goodbye and they similarly ignored me

—i think you create alternate social realities in your head and poison yourself with them

—i'm sure the encounter was awkward for her too
—yes, but she had an associate with her
—i had an alkaline trio shirt and shorts on

—there you go again

—didn't you cast and direct her in a play?

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  1. SF 23 Aug 10 at 16:26

    a GREAT play, btw

  2. tammy 26 Aug 10 at 13:57

    simply moving. WELL DONE!


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