Robbed of the asphalt that cushioned his face

On the trailer for Devil:

It seemingly preceded every film I saw at a cinema this summer.

In January 2002, I named a post after the actor in the grey suit after seeing him impersonate celebrities on Undeclared. Said actor is married to Christina Hendricks.

I wonder if Universal is contractually obligated to note that Devil comes "from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan." I mean, the trailer for The Town doesn't advertise that it's "from Ben Affleck." No, it's "from the acclaimed director of Gone Baby Gone."

"From the writer of Hard CandyDevil."

Bojana Novakovic's awkward wail at the end compelled me to create this:

Toothless Filipinos Lip Synching To B.o.B's "Nothing On You"
The Roast of Bob Huggins

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  1. Jeremy 06 Sep 10 at 17:28

    They should have named that movie "The Really Bad Elevator"


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