Two Weeks Notice

I want to adopt an NHL team, but can't decide on one. I don't want to front-run, but the bottom two-thirds of the league is rather uninspiring. I'm leaning toward the Canucks.


  1. Adam 26 Sep 10 at 23:26

    You can improve our friendship immensely if you choose Detroit. Do the right thing. Then again, as long as it's not Pittsburgh, Chicago, Philly, San Jose, Calgary, or Colorado, that's just as good.

  2. Rex Manning Day 27 Sep 10 at 10:33

    Go Whalers!

  3. Anonymous 27 Sep 10 at 22:58

    They're right. If you have to pick a Canadian team, at least you chose the best city in Canada. Go Vancouver.

  4. Ammo 28 Sep 10 at 00:46


    they're the bears of the nhl


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