I'm what time and circumstance have made me


Jon, say "hello" to Aunt Veronique.
—Wow, you haven't aged at all!

—Crystal bought a house?
—Yup. In Long Beach.
—Married at 22, homeowner at 26.

—What are you eating?
—A failure pile of Thanksgiving leftovers.
—Is that a slice of pumpkin pie?

—Hey! Didn't expect to be woken up by you.
—Sorry. When did we last talk?
—Two-and-a-half years ago? [accesses her dossier] Yeah, July 18, 2008.
—Damn. So how are you?
—I am, heh, temping at age 28 for $9.50 an hour. And you and Doug?
—Uh…we divorced.
—I married too young.
—Well, at least you don't have a child.
—I'm currently applying to grad school.
—Ah… Grad school. The solution to all of life's problems.
—Remember Mike?
—"Mike and Amanda" Mike?
—Yeah. I'm chatting with him and he says he missed you at your 10th anniversary high school reunion.
—Oh. So it did happen.
—Why am I learning about my high school reunion from two people I met in college?


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