The Footage Is Forever

—Huh. That's two songs in this episode that we featured on an Adam Riff™ cribsheet – Say Hi – "November Was White, December Was Grey" (the week of 03.01.09) and…Future Islands – "Vireo's Eye" (the week of 06.27.10).

Neat conceit for the opening credits of Shameless (USA). Wonder how Cameron Monaghan feels about seeing himself masturbating at the beginning of each episode.

On Shameless (USA), Monaghan plays a gay teen who is sleeping with a closeted married father. On Terriers, Monaghan played a straight teen who almost unwittingly sleeps with a gay transvestite prostitute.

On the last Shameless (USA), Monaghan's character rebuffs the advances of a female classmate and is hunted by her brother, played by Noel Fisher, who, like Monaghan, guest-starred on Terriers. Assuming that Fisher is gay, as he is rumoured to be, then he is a gay lad playing a straight lad hunting a gay lad played by a straight lad.

Mike O'Malley is a writer for Shameless (USA). Yes, Mike O'Malley, host of Nickelodeon's Guts, and father of gay Kurt on Glee.

I'm trying to write an episode of Glee, but can't decide on which songs to use. I know that I want to end with gay Kurt covering Say Anything's "Alive with the Glory of Love."

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