Completely and utterly heterosexual

—Twitter suggests users for you to follow based on which users users you follow follow. For example: If I follow Juan, and Juan follows Maria, then Twitter may suggest that I follow Maria. So you name Marias, and I try to name the Juans.
—It's like a variation on The Newlywed Game.
—Precisely. How well do you know the users you follow on Twitter?

—Who to follow… Suggestions for @adamriffs. Alright. Ready?
—Food = Drew Lazor.
—Correct. "Followed by @drewlazor."

—Hmm… Does his or her bio contain the word "strategist" or "strategy"?
—Ty Doshier.
—Correct. "Followed by @tdoshier."

—Can you elaborate?
—WHL: Western Hockey League.
—Oh. Hockey = Dave Lozo.

—"Followed by @afader."

—Oof. The connection could be a number of people. Mmm… Gosh. Mike Honer?

—"Followed by @drewlazor."
—Dammit! I was gonna say "Drew."


—"Followed by @jeffbaum."

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  1. Drew 07 Feb 11 at 14:39

    Ha! Dopesmoker is my dude Travis


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