The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

—Has the Laughing Cow always worn earrings?
—Her earrings feature images of her wearing earrings, which feature… Droste effect.
—She looks like Taye Diggs.

—The Mormon family who lives behind me put their house on the market.
—The missionary hub?
—Yeah. I'm tempted to attend an open house. Step behind the curtain.

—For a long time, I mistook BYU's logo for Yale's logo.
—Heh. For a long time, I mistook this Cubs hat for a Yale hat.

—The Chinese lady who flips bowls on her head while riding a unicycle wouldn't need a lot of ice. She could co-exist with a zamboni during intermissions.

—If the Sharks win the Stanley Cup – least telegenic victory parade ever? Downtown San Jose is about as happening as an Arrested Development movie.

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