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The two leads in Narc have both replaced Keanu Reeves.

Val Kilmer replaced Keanu Reeves in Heat after Reeves replaced Kilmer in Johnny Mnemonic because Kilmer replaced Michael Keaton in Batman Forever.

Charlie Sheen replaced Keanu Reeves in Platoon.

Keanu Reeves replaced Brett Cullen in The Replacements.

As part of his contract for starring in In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale as Gallian, Liotta had permission to keep all wizard robes donned for the film.


Idea: Reboot Tank Girl as a film vehicle for Lady Gaga.

If the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup this year, Boston will slash the record for fastest professional sports championship grand slam to 6 years.

Patriots (2005)
Red Sox (2007)
Celtics (2008)
Bruins (2011)

The current record, held by New York, is 11 years.

Jets (1969)
Knicks (1973)
Yankees (1977)
Islanders (1980)

Only three cities out of a possible 13 have achieved a grand slam: Boston, New York, and Chicago.

Chicago needed 24 years to achieve its grand slam, but its grand slam is also a quintuple crown (grand slam + MLS Cup), the only quintuple crown ever achieved.

Bears (1986)
Bulls (1998)
Fire (1998)
White Sox (2005)
Blackhawks (2010)

Among three-sport cities, only Pittsburgh has achieved a triple crown.

Steelers (1979)
Pirates (1979)
Penguins (1991)
12 years

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  1. JimmyMac 27 May 11 at 03:48

    Among three sport cities, Houston continues to enjoy their single crown.

    Rockets (93 and 94)
    Oilers (never, though arguments could be made to count the old AFL championships)
    Texans (never)
    Astros (never)


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