King's Crossing

Previously on Adam Riff™:
Steven: I kinda just want to buy a plane ticket already and get out, and then figure it out.
Jon: Just up and move to Seattle, eh? Like vagrants.
Jon: Hmm…

Steven: I'm big on astrology stuff.
Steven: This month is supposed to be life-changing for me.
Jon: …
Steven: What did your fortune teller say?
Jon: Heh. "A move to Seattle would be most beneficial to your future."
Steven: And you didn't listen.
Jon: Touché.

Jon: Where do you read horoscope readings?


Keep looking for new things to do – and maybe new people to do them with! Your inquisitive nature is helping you to expand your world and enjoy what it has to offer. Keep looking!


You may be down, but you're not out! Even if your mood is lower than it has been in a while – a definite possibility – you know you can count on your people to lift your spirits, even if it takes a while.


You've hit the wall in one way or another, and that could mean that you need to take a long break. If so, don't panic – things should get a lot better for you in the near future. Just chill out!


You can't completely escape the past (without a time machine, anyway), and today you find yourself staring into the face of a problem you had thought was settled long ago. You can handle it!

Jon: This is some gypsy curse shit.
Steven: I told you.

Jose: You're mental! What is your plan for Seattle?
Jon: To live there?
Jose: …
Jose: Where are you gonna stay at first?
Jon: I dunno. I'll…find some temporary housing.
Jose: How will you support yourself?
Jon: [shrug]

Jose: Come to New York City. I'll fly you out.
Jon: What? Why? I was just in New York City for three weeks.
Jose: I can help you plan.
Jon: It's kind of an inconvenient detour.
Jose: Two weeks.
Jon: Mmmmm…no. No. I-I should…stay the course.

Jose: By the way, did you see the e-mail I forwarded you?
Jon: Not yet. Hold.

Jose: I'll be in Austin this weekend. Fly out on Monday!


Impulsive behavior can lead to trouble today if you take a risk just to have more fun. It may seem that it's more important to enjoy yourself and be creative in the moment than it is to do what's expected of you now. Someone else may try to convince you that you're not making the best choice if you emphasize your needs over your responsibilities. Listen to good advice when you hear it.


  1. Ryan 12 Aug 11 at 14:11

    Has it occurred to you that if your successful friends offer support and/or advice, that they've got a track record that vouches for their decision making abilities?

  2. Tyler 12 Aug 11 at 17:20

    *snaps for Ryan*

  3. josh 18 Aug 11 at 17:08

    *snaps for Ryan and Tyler*


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