Lord Humungus cannot be defied

Previously on Adam Riff™:

Jose: You're mental! What is your plan for Seattle?
Jon: To live there?
Jose: …
Jose: Come to New York City. I can help you plan.

Jon: Jose's trying to sway me to move to Austin instead.
Steven: Austin is cool and you may like it, but it's not the same anymore. Marfa is the new Austin.

My August 24, 2011 horoscope:
"Life is a little too ridiculous right now, what with all the operatic feelings and major life choices lying in wait. The best you can do is go along with it all and hope for the best – things should settle down soon."

And with that…


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  1. josh 26 Aug 11 at 03:35

    travel to NYC right before a possible fucking hurricane strike….yup, sounds like a standard jon yu move…


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