Skinny fat ass is the Oprah

"When we asked a university spokesperson about the error, we were told it was intentional, a shorter advertising message meant to grab a driver's attention."
ABC 15

"Looks like Heaven's easier to get into than Arizona State."
The Simpsons

"Are they robots?"
"No. Robots can develop human feelings. We're graduates of Arizona State."
The Simpsons

"I got a check plus plus. That's like a C at Arizona State."
American Dad

"A parent is the one person who is supposed to make their kid think they can do anything. Says they're beautiful, even when they're ugly. Thinks they're smart, even when they go to Arizona State."
30 Rock

"Arizona State, you might be overvaluing the worth of your degrees. Your acceptance rate is 95%. You're slightly more selective than the Burger King kids club."
Saturday Night Live

"To really get this story, I headed to the ASU library to speak with students."
"Nobody in there…"
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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