Car sick vacations in size eleven

Jon: Mike Martz as UCLA's next head coach? Herm Edwards? Tom Cable? Jim Mora Jr.? [facepalm]
Rory: UCLA should hold on-the-job auditions next season and document it for HBO. Each week, a different head coach. Week one: Mike Martz. Week two: Herm Edwards.
Jon: "On the next UCLA 24/7: Norv Turner."

BG theorized that Aubrey Plaza is this generation's Mary Lynn Rajskub, and I thought: 24 parody starring Chris Pratt as Bert Macklin and Aubrey Plaza as his Chloe O'Brian.

Vegas should offer a bet on whether Sue Grafton will complete her Kinsey Millhone series before she dies. "V" Is for Vengeance was just released, so four books remain. She is 71 years old and writing at a pace of one Millhone book every two years.

Rory: "Z" Is for Zero is divided into two books. She croaks before she can finish part two.

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