I've given you all and now I'm nothing


And that's why they're not archived!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Adam Riff™'s first sidebar Playlist, or Cribsheet, or whatever you want to call it.

When it launched…

Adam Riff™'s list feature was inspired by Spin magazine's "Spin 20" list feature.

Before I alienated him, Robert created a program to streamline production of The List, but I still code it by hand.

The highlight of my (first?) 10 years compiling The List was probably breaking the Kidz Bop cover of Modest Mouse's "Float On." The lowlight was probably failing to note the series premiere of The Wire. No, the lowlight was trying to sell my experience compiling The List to employers.

I remember showing some lists to an A&E editor at the Chicago Tribune in hopes of landing an entertainment calendar- or listings-related job. That interview ended with him struggling to kill time.

"So… We're thinking about adding a comic strip. Which one of these do you prefer?"

I estimate that I've devoted six months of my life to compiling The List.

Al Swearengen, Enterprise Software Architect, enjoys his new career in the programming industry.


  1. Adam 06 Jan 12 at 15:58

    I've been reading this site way to long when I recognize those playlists. The Thrice entry is good.

  2. Ty 07 Jan 12 at 15:39

    I liked the weekly songs. I remember a lot of those early lists. And I ended up with several of the yearly music compilations, both hard copy and download. I like that the top image now includes sort of a description. I dislike how social media has partially killed e/n sites, small entertainment sites, and a lot of old school blogs.

  3. Yawn 23 Jan 12 at 21:05

    e/n sites!!


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