November 14, 2010 on Adam Riff™:
I am looking for contributors for my web zine, which I plan to launch in January. Each quarterly "issue" will consist of a variety of content (articles, comics, podcasts, et cetera) that is all, in some way, related to a single theme. The theme of the first issue is sleep.

This would have been the cover of Anhedoniac #1:

realized by the talented Jon Wilcox

Among my planned contributions:

  • Name That Tune
    A game show podcast in which contestants try to identify lullaby renditions of popular songs.
  • Midnight Screenings
    A panel (film actor, film director, film critic) critiques performances in films by late night talk show hosts – David Letterman in Cabin Boy, Jay Leno in Collision Course, Conan O'Brien in Storytelling, Jimmy Kimmel in Like Mike, Jimmy Fallon in Almost Famous.
  • The Princess and the Pee
    A comic strip. Only a real princess would remain on a mattress with the bed-wetting prince.

The centerpiece of the issue was gonna be a longread on my snoring, which I have decided to revive and serialize on Adam Riff™.

So coming soon, in chunks: "Night Terror: The Increasingly Paranoid Slumbers of a Hopeless Snorer" by Jon Yu.

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