MLB Consultant

Previously on Adam Riff™: Fantasy MLB Commissioner

Jon: hey
Ben: yo yo
Jon: i have a few more ideas i want to run by you
Jon: to improve major league baseball
Ben: …i'm listening

» In the American League, players run the bases clockwise.

» Replay is only used by request. A manager can replay challenge any call, but for each challenge, one of his relief pitchers, selected by the opposing manager, is ejected from the game. Once his bullpen is barren, no more challenges allowed.

» Five bases. Instead of a diamond, a star. Convert shortstop to third baseman, and third baseman to fourth. 360/5 = 72 feet between bases = more stealing, fewer outs at first, more strategy.

» Each team customizes its ballpark's outfield with sand traps and areas of rough grass for more interesting home field advantage.

» Offer homeless people a free hot dog and drink to fill empty seats with 4G mobile hotspots tethered to their bodies.

Ben: i think that's your best idea
Ben: and that's saying something
Jon: i'll spare you the conveyor belt one then
Ben: i don't even want to know

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