Cosmopolitan Bloodloss

Next week's Cornerstone Festival will be the final one. Sad, as I've enjoyed perusing its line-ups for contemporary Christian music curiosities.

For example:

The music has been described as Sage Francis meets The Postal Service, Pavement meets the Beastie Boys and DR. Octagon meets Larry Norman. [source]

Ah so…

Listen: Spoken Nerd – Just another Werewolf in the Night

Levi Macallister is on the speaking team for, where he discusses his own destructive experience with pornography and the redemptive hope of the gospel, and exhorts audiences to transparency, repentance, accountability, change, and a bunch of other words that are sure to offend the majority of autonomous, relativistic society. [source]

"Autonomous, relativistic society." Bet he's under 25.

Yup. 22 years old.

Listen: Levi The Poet – Werewolves

[checks to see if they've recorded a werewolf song]

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