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Evidently, Sony doesn't want you to see any YouTube videos I embed on Adam Riff™. [grumbles]

Still in Vegas.

I wonder why Disney hasn't cease-and-desisted the duo posing for photographs as Mickey and Minnie Mouse outside Caesars Palace.

Most of the costumed photo ops on the Strip are oddly juvenile – Mickey Mouse, Woody from Toy Story, Dora the Explorer, Elmo…

Brian Petre can be found impersonating "Alan" from The Hangover on Las Vegas Blvd.

Petre is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church.

According to his website, he is also available for baptisms, last rites, and funerals.

Jon: I know my Halloween costume. Can you print a shirt for me?


Jon: What's a candy that I can snap before giving to trick-or-treaters?
Adam: AirHeads?

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  1. Anonymous 12 Sep 12 at 11:27

    Some dudes did that here last year for Halloween. Barely broke character, stood on the intersections downtown and gave out cards for awhile before they hit the next bar. One of the better 'costumes' I saw.


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