Live Stream: Skyfall

A drama about fracking? [groans] Which producer was Matt Damon indebted to?

Directed by Gus Van Sant?!

Oh. Matt Damon wrote the screenplay with John Krasinski. THIS IS A VANITY PROJECT?!

Wikipedia: "based on a story by Dave Eggers."


Underwhelming car overturn. When Bond's car flipped itself upright in that Brosnan flick with the ice palace – that was cool.

Seems like wearing a suit in the field would retard movement.

This opening act could be anything. I picture Broccolini consulting a wheel. "Motorbikes and…rooftops. [spins wheel] Backhoe. [spins wheel] Backhoe and…train."

Bond falls to his apparent death off a moving train into a river = Bucky in Captain America: The First Avenger. What if he returned as Winter Soldier – a re-programmed Bond? A Bond film in which Bond is the villain.

Ralph Fiennes got fat.

Heineken product placement.

Shanghai = Chinese knock-off of Enter the Void.

I'm not surprised that this office is vacant. #KennyRogersRoastersSign

Chekhov's komodo dragon – ah so… Seems like housing man-eating reptiles in a floating casino would be a safety hazard. Oh, but it's Macau.

This island = Limbo in Inception.

No, Silva = Ozymandias in Watchmen, and this island = Karnak.

Waste of a Bond girl. Silva = The Rainmaker. Daniel Craig travels 30 years back in time, where he is pursued by Roger Moore.

Silva = The Joker in The Dark Knight.

More Heineken product placement.

2012: Year of the film villains in sewers.

Even more Heineken product placement.

Skyfall = Wayne Manor by way of Straw Dogs.

Couldn't Q have whipped up some booby traps for the house? He had time…

…as did Bond to procure and plant land mines.

The Die Hard 5 trailer beforehand was more exciting than any action in this film.

Feels like the budget was slashed, forcing producers to scrap some location shoots and change the final act. This final act is a bottle episode.

IMDb Trivia:

The film was originally going to shoot in six countries but budget cutbacks resulted in the picture predominantly being filmed in the UK.

Heineken product placement financed $45 million (approximately a third to a fourth) of Skyfall's budget. Next film, more Heineken! Bond drinks from a DraughtKeg.

Silva states that he was M's favourite agent between 1988 and 1996. It was during this period that the film franchise took its longest sabbatical, between License to Kill and GoldenEye.

This ending = Oldboy (feat. James Bond).

Bond and Silva didn't physically fight at all. In fact, Silva didn't physically attack anyone.

Chekhov's homosexuality.

James Bond will return in: Please Kill Responsibly. Heineken imagery in the opening credits, a femme fatale named Amber Ale…

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