New York City's Rooftop Films announced its summer 2013 line-up. It features some films that Adam Riff™ has blindly championed – Awful Nice, The Dirties, The 12 O'Clock Boys – as well as Jord's film, The Kings of Summer.

RE: The Kings of Summer
Aren't they a little old to be running away from home to live in the woods?

I myself have been working on a film that will premiere this June. Should I be listed as Jonathan Yu (III) or Jon Yu (II) on IMDb?

Jram: What's your middle name?
Jon: Dong.
Jram: Oh.
Jon: Jono Yu? Jonah Yu. Nathan Yu.
Jram: Nathan (IV) Yu.

I've been in New York City for about four months now, and it still feels like an Inception sub-level. Just waiting for the kick back to the west coast.

I passed a homeless woman today reading a book. If you're begging for money, I feel that you should put some effort into it. Look the part. Inspire me to donate beyond your sign.

Idea: A Survivor season with all homeless contestants. Similar living situation, but on a beach, and with the opportunity to win one million dollars.

Some Survivor fans have long wished for a season set in a cold climate. How about said all homeless one? Producers wouldn't have to fret over clothing covering up attractive bodies.

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