Live Thog: Star Trek Into Darkness (by Jay Gatsby)

The voice cast for Epic is bizarre, old sport.

Of all songs, a ménage à trois to Fatboy Slim's remix of "Body Movin,'" old sport?

Oh. Right. Beastie Boys continuity from the first film, old sport.

Chekov switches to a red shirt – a Chekhov's gun, old sport?

You don't have to put on the red shirt
Be gunned down abruptly
You don't have to give your body to this fight

He surrenders? Methinks they're being Joker'd, old sport.

Supercut Idea, old sport: Film villains in glass cells.

The coordinates, old sport, are: 4 8 15 16 23 42.

The Port of San Francisco is surprisingly happening place, old sport – a preview of after the Warriors' arena opens?

Shouldn't the head of Starfleet have tighter security on his ship, old sport? No one notices Scotty?

How silly must this skeletoning through space scene have looked on a green soundstage, old sport?

Where, old sport, did Scotty's lil' coral reef pal go?

Cheaters may live long, but they never prosper, old Spock. You could say that Spock consulted SpockNotes.

If nothing else, old sport, Spock's stubble really pops in IMAX.

San Franciscans don't seem too fazed by a massive ship crashing into their city, old sport.

Snap zooms are the new lens flares, old sport.

Has Kirk been wearing jeans the whole time, old sport?

That, old sport, was like J.J. Abrams' demo reel for the Star Wars directorial job. Millennium Falcon chase on Kronos!

I wonder, old sport, if Michael Giacchino will score Episode VII.

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