Worse for the wear

12:12am – Manhattan

[lies down on couch]

I am exhausted.


Fuck it's hot. My skin feels like a frog's.

[opens windows beside couch]

How is traffic still bustling this late on a Wednesday?


Aaaand now a couple is fighting directly outside.

Where did I store those earplugs I got at that David Blaine stunt?


[mobile text notification]

Who could it be? Oh. Ty.

Ty: Ken Marino and I chatted about esoteric comedy re: arrested development


Ty: I was totally cockblocking him and he didn't seem to mind


Ty: The stuff he touches has a very dark streak.
Jon: Ah.
Ty: You don't think so?

JESUS CHRIST, DUDE! This is neither the time nor the medium to be discussing whether Ken Marino's work is darkly comedic!


Jon: Hey, sorry to cut this short, but I'm trying to sleep.
Ty: Ditto.


Pillow Talk with Ty®.


I need, like, a sweat scarf for my neck.


Guh. Why are you jackhammering at this hour? Garbage trucks, I can accept, but…


"Jon! Jon! Wake up!"
"[adjusts eyes] What's up?"
"Can you to change the profile picture on the film's Facebook page?"
"What? You can't do it?"
"I don't have permission."
"Uhh… I'm signed in on my laptop. Just brighten the screen."
"How do I do that?"
"Top left of the keyboard."
"Top left…?"
"[sigh] Move aside."

[looks at clock on computer screen]

It's only 2:10am? I was only asleep for, like, 20 minutes? Oh. It's still set to PST.

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