Weak Chin Music

Previously (2010) on Adam Riff™:
My band The Blond Jews and I are currently prepping our follow-up to 2007's Web-rip 128kbps (NUKED) LP. Its working title is A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Darkness, and it is a literary concept album.

I am chuffed to announce my band The Blond Jews' third album, Yuzus, which was hastily recorded over the past month.

Track listing:

1. T.V.M.A.L.S.V.
2. Jason Street MetroTech
3. Scrawny Indiana
4. Employees Must Wash Brains
5. Only Children
6. xXYxXYx (Straight Edge Homosexual)
7. Diphthong Song
8. We Didn't Doubt the Fire
9. Loner in Sweatpants
10. Canarsie

Japanese bonus track:
11. Born Again Irish (Re-micks)

It's a messy album, but hey, they can't all be Stadium Arcadium.

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