Relax and Rolex

Idea: A Netflix-like service for sporting events. I'm surprised one doesn't exist yet. Every sport, every game ever, in its entirety, on demand. Subscribe as fan, a scholar, or a scout. Watch with the original commentary or just natural audio (if available).

—The search feature could be hyper customizable. Like, I'd want to see all the catches Randy Moss made of over 40 yards; and then it shows a list and u can view the games the plays are from or just the plays themselves.
—Or a different query, like show me all goals Wayne Gretzky scored from a Mark Messier assist or w/e.
—The search fields would differ from sport to sport; you could search football plays by formations that a specific team runs, just look at a guys at-bats when there's two outs in late innings.

Whenever I pitch an idea to Mike, I am flabbergasted by where he runs with it.

—I've been thinking a lot about that plane crash theme park ride.
—You could cater to different market segments; families could be split apart, new couples together, all singles on one side, a 50/50 race split.
—And they'd have to beat the other side in some competition.
—Could be capture the flag or some Survivor rigamarole.

—Choosing the landscape/cityscape over which the plane would break up would be a lot of fun as well.
—New York and Las Vegas are the obvious favorites. Chicago would be pretty dope. Sydney. A volcano.


Last night, I dreamt that I was scraping my teeth off like seeds on the walls inside a pumpkin, which led to dreaming about pulling my face off my skull like my head was slow-cooked pork.

I wonder if any people don't like any type of music except country.

Not even classic rock?

I like all types of positions, except contrary.

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