Nardwuar vs. Jon Yu

Nardwuar: Who are you?
Jon Yu: Jon Yu of the Blond Jews.
Nardwuar: Jon Yu, welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Jon Yu: My favourite city in the world.
Nardwuar: Right off the bat, I have a gift for you.
Jon Yu: Oh shit! A Captain Shiner ringer tee! How did you find this? It seemingly doesn't exist on the Internet.
Nardwuar: You were a big Primus fan in your youth.
Jon Yu: I…went through a Primus phase, yes. Only fan club I've ever joined.
Nardwuar: Was your Primus phase before or after your soundtrack phase?
Jon Yu: [pause] How do you know this stuff? Umm… It happened during. My soundtrack phase was more of a soundtrack era. I was an irrational collector of soundtracks – multiple Case Logic CD wallets. I'm probably the only person in the world who owns a copy of the Four Rooms soundtrack – you know, Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez… I've never seen the film.
Nardwuar: Speaking of soundtracks, what can you tell me about El Oso by your favourite band Soul Coughing?
Jon Yu: Heh. This is mental. Well, I read that Wes Anderson wrote screenplays around songs that he wanted to use, and thought it would be interesting if the soundtrack to a (non-musical) film was just an album by some band, and I conceived a film around Soul Coughing's El Oso. I can't believe you have it on vinyl.
Nardwuar: What is the film about?
Jon Yu: Oh, imagine if Ryan Murphy made Magnolia. It's titled Biology, because biology was my worst subject in school, and I wanted to forever taint it with my sordid film. I wanted people to associate biology with a dude needing a skin graft after over-masturbating while high on crack – among other things.
Nardwuar: Alright. Thanks so much, Jon Yu. Keep on rockin' in the free world, and doot doola doot doo…
Jon Yu: Doot doo.

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