Symphony No. 8 in B minor, D. 759

I saw a woman trying to exit a Party City with a bunch of inflated balloons contained in large plastic bags and thought, "That is pure waste – a waste of plastic, a waste of helium (a finite resource), a waste of ribbon, and a waste of latex that could be better used as condoms."

Balloons are luxurious garbage.

Party City is currently selling Thanksgiving party supplies.

Party City is an argument against a free market.

What's the deal with separate menus for dessert at restaurants?

I like to plot and price out a meal, but can't do that when a whole course is sequestered from me until I have crossed the Rubicon.

If, per Drew, restaurants list dessert separately so as not to overwhelm diners with information about a "different experience," then at least post your dessert menu alongside your main menu outside your restaurant.

I feel like restaurants worry that, if people know what desserts are available, they might save room for dessert and not order as much savoury food. Better instead to enable an obesity epidemic.

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